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Amazon: Protective Gear for Knees

Protecting our joints is important, but even more as we get older. My husband has had knee joint pain since he was a teen. We’re in our 30s now, and we definitely are starting to feel our bodies go through some changes. He’s on his feet a lot at work, and it involves a lot of physical labor. We all know how stubborn men can be sometimes, but I finally convinced him to get some knee protection. We bought two types of knee pads. The first one has the padding already inside the pants and are also known as combat pants/military trousers/hunting pants. The second one is similar to what we see athletes wear and can be slipped right on. I am excited to see him finally get some relief.

-Dee Cee

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Combat Pants/Military Trouser/Hunting Pants with Knee Pads
Compression Knee Pads (typically worn by athletes)

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